Holy Land Pilgrimages
Christian pilgrimage to holy land, information and tours
Holy Land Pilgrimages
Christian pilgrimage to holy land, information and tours

A wide range of Christian pilgrimage tours, departing from hotels in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa is available.  Christian Pilgrimage today, is well organized, accessible and safe. Take some time off to visit the places where bible and new testament events took place

Sample christian tour itineraries:

Sample Tour: Jerusalem – A tour of the Old and New City

We begin the first day with a panoramic overview from Mt. Olives, overlooking Jerusalem-the new city as well as the Temple Mount Esplanade of the old city. We move along the valley of Kidron Valley, so as to reach the Garden of Gethsemane, where we also get the opportunity to visit the wall of the city. Through the Armenian Quarter, we enter The Western Wall square. We travel along the local bazaar to reach Christian Quarter, which are the Stations of the Cross. We also visit the site of crucifixion i.e. the church of Holy Sepulchre.

We take a stroll through the 1700 year old main street of Byzantine, the renovated Jewish quarter and the Cardo. We move up to the Mt. Zion; for all those who have their trips on Saturdays – get to visit the Hall of the last supper and David’s tomb. We tour the new city by a car and move to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. We stay overnight at a Jerusalem hotel.

Proper and modest dresses only: Dresses should have Covered shoulders. Shorts not allowed.

** On Fridays, Saturdays & Holidays – The Holocaust Museum remains closed. If your tour falls in one of these days, we visit the Hall of Last Supper, Kind David’s Tomb, & Garden of Gethsemane.

Sample Tour: A trip through the desert to follow Jesus & John, the Baptist

We start with a few wonderful views of the St George monastery in Wadi Kelt. This monastery hangs on the cliff of a rock. This is one place that is sure to mesmerize you with its beauty. From there on we move to the Jews Castle and the Kassar el Yahud, this is the site where Jesus Chirst was baptised by Baptist John. This is also the place where Israeli’s crossed through to enter Israel. We continue our trip along the coast of Dead Sea before stopping to visit the Qumran, the earliest settlement of the Essenes cult. This place is also popular for the being the place where scrolls of Dead Sea were discovered. We might also move towards the Mt Temptation in Jericho. We stop overnight in a Jerusalem hotel.

Sample Tour: A Day Following the Footsteps of Jesus

We start with a tour of Mt. Olives for a view of city i.e. both the new and the old city. From there we move to the Patre Nostre, the place of Mary’s Ascension. We also visit the Prayer of the Lord, which is written in 123 different languages. We stroll down to Dominus Flevit; this is the site where Jesus foresaw the demolition of Jerusalem. We continue our trip to Garden of Gethsemane, the church of all nations, this is the place where Jesus Christ was let down by Judas to the Romans. We overlook Valley of Kidron, so as to see the tomb of Jeosphate, Absalom and Zaccariah from period of the 2nd temple. We visit the old city at Lion’s Gate in order to visit Church of St. Anne. This is the home of Mary and the pool of Bethesda. We visit the Notre Dame De Sion –it is the striped pavement where Jesus was destined and this is the beginning of Via Dolorosa. We stop overnight at Jerusalem hotel.

Sample Tour: Northern Galilee

We drive northwards along the coastal roads. On our journey northwards, we stop at Megiddo before we continue our trip to Beth Shean. We drive through the valley of Jordan before stopping at the Baptismal site on Jordan River. We move upwards to Golan Heights with an overview from Hammat Gader i.e. Triangular Border of the country of Syria, Israel and Jordan while travelling towards the Shalom Observatory. We move towards the city of Katzrin, the capital of Golan. We ascend to Mount Bental, overlooking the valley of Kuneitra. A short stop for an overview of former Syrian fortification gives you an insight of the history. We finally get down to the valley of Hula to stay overnight at Kibbutz hotel.

Sample Tour: The Golan (Tour 414)

We start with a short tour of the settlement at Kibbutz. From there on we move to the start point of the Jordan River i.e. Banyas Reserve, where we see icy water flowing. Then we move on to visit castle fortress Ka’alat Nimrod, from where we move to the wonderful lake-Birakat Ram. This lake is situated on the foot of the extinct volcano-Mt. Hermon. We drive towards south to visit Safed where we see numerous ancient Synagges and the artist quarter.

Sample Tour: Caeserea, Haifa, Acre and Rosh Hanikra

We move north to the port city and the ancient roman capital-Caesarea. On this day, you would have to walk quite a bit as we take you through some of the archaeological excavations and ruins and theatre. The stop is at Haife in Mt. Carmel, from where one can experience the scenic beauty of Bahai garden, the port and also city. From there on we proceed to limestone grottos to view the Lebanon border. A trip to the underground city of Crusader and the crypt is followed by a walk through the market sums up a perfect day. We stop overnight at kibbutz.

Sample Tour: Nazareth, Tiberias & Sea of Galilee

We begin the trip north by making a journey along the coastal plain of Israel. We traverse along the plain of Armageddon to reach Nazareth. In Nazareth, the trip begins with visits to the Church of St. Joseph’s carpentry and Church of Annunciation. We move along to view the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish at Tabgha and Mount of Beatitudes along Kafer Cana. The next stop is at city of Christ and views the ruins of ancient synagogue of Capernaum. We move to the Jordan River at site Baptismal i.e. at Yardenit. We stay overnight at Tel-Aviv

Sample Tour: Bethlehem and Jericho

We start the day by visiting King David’s place of birth- Bethlehem. Bethlehem means the city of bread; it is known so because wheat crop used to grow in that region. The place is even more famous as Christian tradition believes that Bethlehem is the place where Jesus was born. We drive to this city through the Nativity Circle, the cave in which Jesus Christ was born. After going through the Nativity circle, we head towards Manger Square, the place where Jesus Christ was kept after birth. After having gone through a couple of spiritual places, we continue the ride with a visit to Milk Grotto, the place where Jesus was fed by Mary coupled with visits to the Catholic and Greek churches.

Before departing for the Judean desert, we cover all the churches and the Sheperd field. While travelling towards the Judean deserts, we take the route so that we can view Good Samaritan. The view of the moon in the landscaped desert is probably one of the best views of the world.

We make a very small stop at the sea level before continuing to Jericho – one of the oldest cities of the world. We again stop at the Zacheus Sycamore; one of the oldest Sycamore trees of the world and this is the tree which Zacheus had climbed so as to see Jesus walk. We would visit the Mound of Ancient Jericho; this is where twenty-five prehistoric cities were excavated. The city of Jericho was found at 8000 B.C and is the oldest known settlement of the Jews. The city was captured by Israel and Joshua in 1200 B.C. the next stop is at the Mt. Temptation; this is the place where Satan attempted to lure Jesus. We continue our journey with an overview of the oasis of Elisha’s Spring and Jericho. We stop overnight in the city of Jerusalem.

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Sample Tour: Massada and the Dead Sea

In the 10th day, we move to the Judean desert through the inn of Good Samaritan. We move to the Judean Desert through the inn of the Good Samaritan. Here we take the cable car tour of the palace built by King Herod; a fortress more than 2000 year old. We drive through the Qumran and Ein Gedi, via the caves from which the scrolls of Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. A float in world’s most mineral rich sea is a must and ensures that everyone here benefits by taking a mud bath in this river due to the innumerable benefits of the mineral rich water. We finally return to Jerusalem through the Old Roman road and Jerico. After the tour of Massada, we spend approximately 2 hours in the Mineral beach. Overnight stop at Tel-Aviv.