Bethany as a pilgrimage site

Bethany (al-Azariyya in Arabic) is a popular Christian pilgrimage site when visiting Israel. Today it is a modern Muslim and Christian Arab town, but the area is steeped in history where Romans, Crusaders, Benedictine nuns, Greeks, Christians and of course the Lord Jesus Christ spent their time.

Where is Bethany

Bethany is a town approximately 4.5 km/2mi east of Jerusalem, Israel east of the Mount of Olives. Bethany is located in the West Bank of Jerusalem so the easiest way to reach Bethany is with a Christian pilgrimage tour which will take you safely and comfortably by bus past the security wall and straight to the holy sites in Bethany.

Why Bethany is included in Christian pilgrimage tours to Israel

Bethany has earned it’s place on the Christian pilgrimage route due to the numerous times it is mentioned in the New Testament. Bethany is a Christian miracle site. Bethany was said to be the home town of Simon the Leper and also the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, Jesus would have visited his friends here on more than one occasion. Bethany is also said to be the town where Jesus was anointed with holy oils. (Mark 14:3)

Above all Bethany is where Jesus performed the miracle of bringing Lazarus back to life. (John 11:38-44),

What will you see on a Christian pilgrimage to Bethany

  • In Bethany Christian pilgrimages will stop at the Franciscan Church of St. Lazarus and see the exquisite original mosaics as well as remnants of older churches.
  • The Tomb of Lazarus is also a must see site for Christian pilgrims. It was at the Tomb of Lazarus that Jesus performed the miracle causing Lazarus to rise up from the dead even after having been in the tomb for four days.
  • Christians will also enjoy seeing the 2000 year old house which is thought to be on the site where the original home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus stood.
  • Christian pilgrims will also see the Greek Orthodox Church which includes a wall left standing from the original Crusader church.
  • There are other holy ruins in Bethany including those of what is thought to have once been the home of Simon the Leper.

A Christian pilgrimage to Israel should include Bethany the site of one of Jesus’ miracles, and where Jesus himself spent time. The original cave where the miracle occurred is a must-see for Christian pilgrims as are the other holy sites of Bethany.

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