Capernaum is a medieval village with significant historical as well as religious importance attached with it. This village is attributed as a major part of Jesus Christ’s life and hence, Capernaum holds a lot of respect in the hearts of the entire Christian community existing all around the world. It is located on Sea of Galilee’s northern shore in Israel and is home to many local people whose main source of sustenance is fishing on the Galilee’s shores.

Capernaum is also famous as being the home to some famous synagogue from the Byzantine era.

Capernaum is the place where Jesus Christ came and healed the mother-in-law of St Peter and some other paralytic man. It was also the place where the first converts (Andrew and Peter) of Jesus lived. Moreover, this village is also known as the “own city” of Jesus as he had spent his life here in this village. Even during Jesus’ Galilean ministry, Capernaum used to be the main base of Jesus. The place is also famous because Jesus went to the synagogue and preached his teachings to the local people over here. Everyone got really impressed by his purity and his impressive style of preaching which made him quite respectable in the eyes of the local people.

After leaving the synagogue, Jesus went with John and James to meet Andrew and Simon. Bible narrates Jesus going to Simon’s home and helping his mother-in-law to miraculously recover from a deadly fever that she was suffering from. There are recurrent mentions of the village of Capernaum in Bible, Gospel and other sacred scriptures as this place was the homeland of Jesus, his preaching ground, and base for his Galilean Ministry as well as being the land where Jesus performed his miracles. Jesus healed many people out of their grave ailments in this village and sometimes, he used to heal them without seeing them in person.

Jesus is also reported to calm a violent storm at the shores of Sea of Galilee and he set out for this venture from the very same village of Capernaum. Although the locals living in this village bore witness to the so many awe-inspiring miracles of Jesus that nobody else could have performed, still they remained ignorant when Jesus told them about the preaching of God. They refused to believe in his miracles and teachings and continued on with their ignorance which all culminated together to give rise to Jesus’ harsh sermons to the people to warn them from the plights of the day of judgment where they will suffer if they refused to believe him at all. Hence, from various accounts and narrations.

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