Church of Mary Magdalene

The famous Russian Orthodox Church, the Church of Mary Magdalene is located on the beautiful Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, adjacent to the Garden of the Gethsemane. This is the church that has become a distinguishing landmark of the city of Jerusalem.

Built by the Tsar Alexander III in the year 1888, the Church of Mary Magdalene was built in the conventional Russian style. Its location is such that it can be spotted easily from the distinct Temple Mount. The 7 golden domes of the Russian Church have been gilded newly and it sparkles as the sun rises above it.

The multiple levels of the church and the well sculpted white towers makes the Church of Mary Magdalene look like a picture perfect dream. It is indeed worth visiting the Church of Mary Magdalene once for its serene garden and all the Orthodox icons and amazing wall paintings that have been neatly placed inside the church.

The history of the Church of Mary Magdalene is related with Mary Magdalene or Miryam of Migdal, who was a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. As per the 16th chapter of the holy gospel of the Mark, Miryam of Migdal was recognized as the first person who saw Lord Christ after the resurrection. Since then, Mary Magdalene has been considered to be one of the most important disciples of Lord Jesus Christ, and supposedly his crucial female associate, apart from Mary of Bethany, who is often believed to be the very same woman.

The Church of Mary Magdalene was constructed following the design of David Grimm. Its design resembled the popular tented roof style during the sixteenth and the seventeenth century Russia, and that included seven distinct fielded domes shaped like onions. There is also a convent which is located across the famous Kidron Valley from Temple Mount.

The Church of Mary Magdalene also has some controversial elements related to alleged documents and explosive secrets. The DaVinci Code, the book that revealed all the secrets of the Church of Mary Magdalene brought some interesting facts of the life of Lord Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene to light. The Church of Mary Magdalene still remains a holy place of worship despite all the controversies and talks about it. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and certainly the best constructed Russian Orthodox churches of all times.

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