Church of St. Gabriel

The Church of St. Gabriel is also known as St. Gabriel’s Greek Orthodox Church and it is located in the city of Nazareth, Israel. The church has a holy sentiment attached to it because of Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus without having any husband or without marrying anyone. Church of St. Gabriel has a great importance as it lies over the spring which was the place where Virgin Mary got the Annunciation.

According to the Orthodox Eastern belief, Mary was reported to be drawing water out of the spring when she was bestowed with the Annunciation. Till today, the water still runs in the spring and makes its way to Mary’s Well which is located just 150 yards away. Annunciation is a sacred event which marks God’s revelation to Virgin Mary through angel Gabriel about the prospect of making Mary a mother.

This event is also narrated in the New Testament and Book of Luke where it is clearly mentioned that the angel Gabriel was a messenger of God who conveyed God’s intentions to Virgin Mary. Mary was quite troubled when she heard of this but the messenger told her that her child will be the Son of God and will be sacred beyond anything.

Church of St. Gabriel is situated at a distance of approximately 130 meters from the famous Mary’s Well and 650 meters away from the holy Basilica of the Annunciation. Constructed for the very first time back in the eighteenth century, Church of St. Gabriel boasts of a splendid structure with all of its ceilings and walls covered by the most modern wall-decals and wall-murals which adds a lot to the holy Church’s grandeur and sanctity.Church of St. Gabriel was rebuilt in the era of the Crusades and also later during the 18th century under the Arab ruler – Daher el-Omar.

The original building of the Church of St. Gabriel was constructed during the reign of Constantine1 in Byzantine era.

It was constructed near a spring which was the sole water source for the village people of Nazareth. The spring remained as the foremost and the most vital water supply for almost three thousand years. According to the Gospel of Thomas, this spring was also the place where Mary sent his son, Jesus to fetch some water when he was barely six years old. Hence, Church of St. Gabriel has a great holy sentiment attached with it.

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