Church of the Primacy of Peter

The Church of the Primacy of Peter is also sometimes known as Chapel of the Primacy; St. Peter’s Church. The initial structure of this Church was first laid in the fourth century. It is situated at Sea of Galilee’s northwestern shore in Tabgha, Israel. The Church of the Primacy of Peter was constructed back in the fourth century to mark the order of Jesus to Peter. After having a breakfast comprising of loaves and fishes on Galilee’s shores, Jesus reinstated Peter with leadership and told him to feed his sheep.

The Church of the Primacy of Peter is a sacred church for many of the Christian communities from all around the world. The Church marks an event in the life of Jesus Christ and hence, Bible also has recurrent mentions of the Church of the Primacy of Peter. Peter and many of his disciples couldn’t find any fish to feed themselves despite all of their strenuous efforts. But when the morning came, a man told the group to throw the net on boat’s right-hand side. When they did that, they got so successful and caught so much fish that it proved really difficult for them to pull their net back into boat. This was no less than a miracle and it made Peter recognize the Jesus Christ.

Upon this realization, Peter immediately jumped out of his boat and swam through the water to meet Jesus. All of Peter’s disciples also followed pursuit and followed him in their boat while pushing the heavy fishing net behind their boat. Upon arrival on the shore, they discovered Jesus who had already prepared a fire for their fish and bread. Later, all of them had breakfast together and Jesus reinstated leadership to Peter by telling him to feed his sheep. Peter denied this crucifixion for three times before finally accepting it. This event was the reason that the Church of the Primacy of Peter was constructed at this place. According to some beliefs, this crucifixion happened on the large rock which was present in the chapel and which was known as mensa Christi.

The Church of the Primacy of Peter is basically a Franciscan chapel and is constructed out of grey-colored stone. It is not so big and also a tower in one of its corners. The modern structure of this Church still preserves the mosaics of the fourth century on its walls and even today; this place holds great reverence among the hearts of the entire Christian community.

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