The traditional location for the Mount of Beatitudes is on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, between Capernaum and Gennesaret . The actual location of the Sermon on the Mount is not certain, but the present site has been commemorated for more than 1600 years. The site is very near Tabgha. The picture shows a close-up of the Roman Catholic Chapel on the Mount of Beatitudes. Photo by Itamar Grinberg.

Mount of Beatitudes

The Mount of Beatitudes is also traditionally known as the Mount Eremos, Church of the Beatitudes or as the Church of the Sermon on the Mount. As the name implies, Mount of Beatitudes is basically a referral to a hill in the northern part of Israel where the famous Sermon on the Mount was delivered by Jesus. It is located near Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee’s northwestern shore between Gennesaret (Ginosar) and Capernaum.

Although the exact whereabouts of the site where the holy Sermon took place are not certain, nevertheless Mount of Beatitudes is associated with this sacred episode for like above sixteen hundred years and is located in close proximity to the Horns of Hattin and Mount Arbel which are also speculated to be as the site of the holy Sermon. The Sermon that was delivered by Jesus is the most religiously as well as historically significant sermons of all the times and because of the fact that Mount of Beatitudes is associated as the site of this Sermon, pilgrims from all over the world come to this place to pay their regards. It has constantly been a source of attraction for the pilgrims ever since the fourth century when the Sermon took place.

Although Mount of Beatitudes is associated with the place where the Sermon got delivered by Jesus, nevertheless there is still no supporting evidence to back this real identification. But people strongly speculate Mount of Beatitudes as the site of the holy Sermon because Jesus was present in Capernaum at the time of the Sermon and Capernaum is not far away from the Mount of Beatitudes.

Remains of a church and monastery have also been discovered near the location of Mount of Beatitudes which are speculated to be as old as the fourth century. Some parts of the church’s mosaic floor have still been preserved till today and can be seen in Capernaum on display.

Later, a structure for the Byzantine styled church was also erected on the Mount of Beatitudes in 1938. This Catholic Church is still present today and was designed by A. Barluzzi who was an architect by profession. The octagonal shape of this Church is a referral to the famous eight beatitudes. The lower walls are carved out of pure marble and the dome of the Church has gold mosaic on it. The place surrounding the Mount of Beatitudes is a blissful place with many bounties and blessings. There is peace and tranquility in the area and hence, it constantly attracts many devotees to come and contemplate on the Christian teachings by Jesus Christ.

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