צילום צבע מסוף המאה ה19 של הצלם הצרפתי בונפיס אשר תעד במצלמתו את נופי ארץ        ישראל ותושביה. בצילום, הר התבור.

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor (Israel) is one of the main Christian pilgrimage sites

Mount Tabor or Mount of the Transfiguration or Har Tabor is located in the north of Israel, the Holy Land and Mount Tabor is one of the Christian sacred mountains and thus a Christian site always included in any Christian pilgrimage tour to Israel.

Mount Tabor rises out of the Jezereel Valley in the Galilee, offering breathtaking views from the mountain top and if covered in Israeli flora and fauna especially fragrant pine trees. Tabor has been the site of many a fortress, church and even a Romanesque basilica. Mount Tabor is steeped in history going back thousands of years. However the reason that Mount Tabor is always included in Christian pilgrimage tours is because of the mountains mention in the Bible on several occasions:

Why Christian pilgrimage tours visit Mount Tabor

Mt. Tabor is a holy Christian site and features in the bible most famously for the transfiguration of Jesus when the Lord went up the mountain with Peter, James and John, there Jesus began to radiate light and converse with the prophets Moses and Elijah. On Mt. Tabor G-d called down saying: “This is my son, whom I do love….”. This event is considered the greatest of the Gospel miracles as the miracle is happening to Jesus and illustrates that Jesus is the connection between heaven and man. (Mt.17:1-9)

In another Biblical event on Mt. Tabor the judge Deborah sends Barak the son of Abinoam to Mt. Tabor to fight Sisera the general of Jabin’s army.(Judges 4:6-7)

There are a few more Biblical references to Mount Tabor which make it an inevitable stop on any Christian pilgrimage tour. Apart from the Biblical connection the mountain itself is a beautiful example of Israeli landscape and the Churches and ancient monuments are a must see for all Christians.

What you’ll see on a Christian Pilgrimage Tour to Mt. Tabor

  • The Church of the Transfiguration or Church of the Savior which dates from 1924 is built on the ruins of an early Crusader church and Byzantine church.
  • There is also the exquisite Greek Orthodox Church of St. Elias (1845) whose wall paintings are not to be missed.
  • On the summit of Mount Tabor you will also visit the Church of St. Melchizedek, named after the hermit who lived for seven years on the mountain before his encounter with Abraham.

Getting to Mt. Tabor

There are no public buses which travel to the top of Mount Tabor, so if you want to avoid the 5km steep climb to the top you should take a Christian pilgrimage tour which will bus you comfortably to the top of Mount Tabor to see the Holy sites. The Church of the Transfiguration also has short open hours and so it is best to rely on an organized Christian pilgrimage tour to get you to the right Mt. Tabor church at the right time.

So when booking a Christian pilgrimage to Israel make sure to ask whether your group is visiting Mount Tabor.



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