Tabgha is also known as Tabhka and in medieval times, it was famous as Heptapegon or the Place of the Seven Springs. It is located at the Sea of Galilee’s northeastern shore, in the south of the Sea of Galilee with just a distance of 2.5 km away.

Because of the shady trees, immense scenic beauty and great fishing opportunities, this place Tabgha constantly attracted the Byzantine pilgrims to take rest and pleasure at the same time from its innumerable bounties and blessings. Till the 4th century after the death of Christ, Tabgha had gained quite popularity among different people and pilgrims greatly because of the abundance of the food and the miracles of fishes and loaves in this area. Even in today’s modern world, Tabgha still remains as an attractive pilgrimage site for the entire Christian community who come from all around the world to see the holy sites around the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

For many thousand years, Tabgha has constantly been a source of attraction for the fishermen because of the warm water produced by the seven springs. The warm water helps in the rapid growth of algae which then results into attracting more and more fishes into this area. Hence, fishing industry is a thriving business for the local people of this region who earn handsome earning from the export of these fish locally and nationally. The name Tabgha has been derived from the Arabic language. It is also famous because of the historically important site – Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes.

There are many religious attractions in Tabgha out of which Church of the Loaves and Fishes, Church of the Primacy of Peter and Mount of Beatitudes have a significant historical importance attached with them. Church of the Loaves and Fishes has a certain portion of the rock which marks the sacred and the miraculous event of feeding the meal to five thousand people. This church in Tabgha is built on the Byzantine style and even till today, it still boasts of preserving those absolutely enthralling fifth century mosaics.

Another historically as well as religiously significant site in Tabgha is that of the Primacy of Peter which is famous as being the place where Jesus asked Peter to feed his sheep after he had miraculously managed to get a fish and breakfast on the shore. The Mount of Beatitudes is located near to the Sea of Galilee on a hill and has many luscious and lovely gardens. It marks the religiously sacred Sermon for the Christians.

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