Western Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Kotel or the Wailing Wall is known to all. Located in the holy place of Old City of Jerusalem right at the vase of the western end of the Temple Mount, the Western Wall has been a remnant of ancient wall that also surrounded the courtyard of the Jewish Temple and is a sacred site in Judaism outside the Temple Mount.

The Western Wall has been one of the most momentous sites for the Jews in all parts of our world. It is the final remains of the Temple and that makes it even more important for the Jews as well as for the modern day Jews. It is also known that Jews from all four corners of the earth gather here at the Western Wall to offer their prayers and homage to God. People write their notes to the Lord Almighty and place the noted between these ancient stones of the walls.

The Western Wall is also one of the biggest renovation projects that were started by the King Herod. In 37 BCE, Herford was the ruler of Jerusalem and then he initiated a renovation project of the Temple Mount. He had hired workers who would toil to make this Temple more splendid and for widening the areas of Temple Mount as well, by pulling down the mountain peaks and by building four supporting walls all around it.

The Western Wall is basically the wall of support on the western side that was built during the widening of Temple Mount Plaza. The fact that this holy wall is located closer to the Holy of the Holies in this Temple Mount makes it a sacred place. Of all the three remaining supporting walls, it is the Western Wall that only remains so popular and is a place of worship indeed. It soon became the place of worship and prays for the Jews all over the world. However, the Jews could not enjoy Jerusalem Old City or Western Wall that was located within it, until the time of Six Day War in the year 1967.

Today, thousands and thousands of visitors and pilgrims come here from different parts of the world. Bar and Bat Mitzvag kids also came here to mark their special events at this Wall. Soldiers swear by their loyalty to the homeland at the Wall, and that marks the holiness and the sanctity of the Western Wall.

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